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What constituted plastic raw material?

What constituted plastic raw material? China plastic molds manufacturer will share some knowledge about plastic materials:
1. Lubricant: to improve the flow of plastic melt, to reduce or avoid the friction and adhesion of the device or plastic injection mold, and to improve the smoothness of the surface of the plastic parts.
2. Synthetic resin: to determine the type of plastic, and the main properties, such as mechanical properties, physical properties, electrical properties, chemical properties.
3. Plasticizers: plasticizer general requirements colorless, odorless, non-toxic, good miscibility volatile, non-flammable and chemical stability.
4. Filler: also known as fillers, the right choice for a filler, not only can reduce cost, but also can improve the hardness, the stiffness of the plastic, impact toughness, electrical insulating properties, heat resistance, molding shrinkage and other properties and expanding its use range.
5. Colorants: also known as pigment, toner, mainly from the aesthetic and decorative effect.
6 stabilizers: Where it can slow down the deterioration caused by substances of the plastic due to various environmental conditions, said stabilizer.

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