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Some ability which the plastic mold salesman need

The most important feature of the plastic mold is to produce by orders and requirements of the guests. Theplastic molds due to its particularity, its different environment, because each product is different and at the same time the production of different plastic mold requirements by guests it must be to achieve a single, then to production, there is no way to achieve the production model of pipelined .
Plastic injection mould cycle is generally longer, tedious processing product is custom-made, one to sell, these reasons combined to make plastic mold high price relative to the cost of other commodities. Plastic mold on the one to talk about, so before the mold in the technical aspects of the two sides should communicate better reach unanimous opinion, or there will be serious consequences, ranging from plastic mold repair mold, plastic mold scrapped.
These characteristics of the plastic mold need our plastic mold salesman, not only have excellent knowledge of plastic mold, but also adequate communication negotiate.Recommend  to read:plastic mold making

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