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What should be noticed in designing the slide of injection mold?

Slide is a common core-pulling mechanism of injection mold  structure. If the slide design is unreasonable, it will lead to products can't be depanning. So what should we notice in designing the slide of injection mold?

   The first: stroke. The stroke of slide should assure the product depanning completely.

    The second: size. Slide size is also need to be taken into account. The slide should not too high, if it is too high will cause the slide unstable.

   The third: limit structure. A complete slide structure, limit structure can ensure that slide running safely.

   The fourth: all kinds of angle design. Such as the slide angle,the angle of angular pin and wedge.

    The fifth: interference. Because the slide belongs to the motion mechanism, we need to simulate the movement of slide after completing the design, to check
if it will interfere another workpieces.

   Above five aspects are need to be noticed in designing the slide, the slide processing and water transport are also should be taken into account.

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