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What defect does the injection product mainly has?

 In the process of plastic injection,the injection product often has many defects. We should find the cause first before solving the defect problem.The following are some of the injection product defects and the cause analysis of them.

     The first: shoot grain. It mainly show in the gate nearby has obvious waviness. The cause of shoot grain usually has a lot to do with injection technics, such as injection pressure, injection glue speed, and the size of the glue inlet also has a certain relationship.

    The second: short shot. It mainly show the product is lack of rubber, and product structure is incomplete. The short shot is mainly cause by three factors such as the bad exhaust of injection mold, the too thin product glue bit, poor liquidity of raw materials.

   The third: products have burrs and flash. The cause of burr mainly include: compound die is bad, the injection machine clamping pressure is too small, injection pressure is so great.

    The fourth: shrink. It mainly show that there is a pit in the uneven material thickness position, shrink is mainly because three aspects which including the injection product structure, injection technics and injection mold structure.

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