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Brief rise in temperature of injection molding machine has 5 hazards

1. to reduce oil viscosity, increased leakage, the pump's volumetric efficiency and overall system efficiency will be significantly reduced. As the oil viscosity decreases, slide valve moving parts of the film was cut thin and broken, friction increases, resulting in increased wear.

2. to reduce the oil pressure of the air separation, dissolved air to escape, resulting in cavitation, resulting in lower hydraulic system performance.
3. to produce thermal mechanical deformation, thermal expansion coefficient of hydraulic components in the different moving parts with the gap becomes smaller and its stuck, causing action failure, affect the accuracy of hydraulic transmission system, resulting in deterioration of the quality component of work.
4. to accelerate the deterioration of oil oxidation and precipitation of asphalt material, reducing the service life of hydraulic oil. Precipitate plug holes and cracks damping type valve port, causing pressure valve deactivation can not move, stretch and bend metal piping code, or even rupture. 
5. to enable the rubber seal deformation, accelerated aging failure, reducing the sealing performance and service life, resulting in leakage. The artical is edited by plastic molds supplier.

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